Innovative concept for smoking-lounges

Does your smoking lounge smell bad after a short period of time?
Are your customers standing or sitting in their own smoke or do they feel discriminated against?
Do you need a technical solution because the Office for the Environment, Nature and Municipal Affairs is demanding this from you?

… then we can help you with our products SmokeOasis® or Smokelight®!

These multifunctional products have already proven successful thanks to their image “Oasen-feeling”-technique, functionality and design which will create a unique experience for smokers!

Our multi-user concept SmokeOasis, Type Octopus, is applicable in halls and lounges with high ceilings since they work as a:
  • Meeting point
  • Communication island
  • Communication medium

The awarded Smokelight® with the various model series covers the following areas:
  • Smoking lounges
  • Restaurants
  • Separate smoking rooms
  • Canteens
  • Break rooms
  • Events areas
  • Bars
  • Cinemas

SmokeOasis® differs from other marketable concepts thanks to its open construction that fosters communication. Also, the profound know-how of the developers in a novel and patented smoke collection technology, smell reduction and application of the best available filtration technology makes us unique.
Both smokers and non-smokers should feel “comfortable” thanks to our technology therefore visit your venue again!

Our products contribute to your positive corporate image!